Global Kids School

Corporate Office : CP Tower, Road No. 1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) India 324005
Tel : +91-9057532047, 0744-5151200
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School Campus : A-2, Indra Vihar, Kota (Rajasthan) - 324005
Tel : +91-744-2421979
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Environment and Infrastructure

Global Kids has unmatched infrastructure and facilities providing a rich environment "where lifetime learning begins".

content_img_2Global Kids is a child-friendly, safe, hygienic, purposefully-built, colourful, beautifully designed and well equipped Pre-school. Our clean comfortable classroom and various activity areas are uniquely designed to cater each child's needs, abilities and development level.

The colorful theme walls and age-appropriate colorful furniture make the school dream place for the children where they would like to spend most of their time. The classes and play areas are complete with relevant colorful non toxic toys. They are used as teaching aids and help the child to develop various skills.

The entire school has been divided into playful learning zones. The result is an environment from which the child's mind soaks knowledge like a sponge soaks water. Few specially designed zones are as under-

Highest standards of cleanliness are maintained. Toilets have proper arrangement of water and soap to maintain personal hygiene of highest in order. The school employs sufficient number of sweepers to ensure that there is no speak of dirt anywhere in the school.

  • Learning Room - Learning room provides a touch of formalities in learning, grace, elegance, sophistication and intellectual patronage to the growing minds. The state of art technology and computer systems serves as a learning aid to our children.

  • Play-way Learning Room - The play way learning room is big and spacious. An artists dream, creativity and aesthetics personified. Pictures, puzzles, learning toys and educational games. Pictorial books and a whole lot of things that help in language and social development. The play way learning room has been divided into corners like -
    • Communication Skills and Public Speaking Corner
    • Individual Skill Development Corner
    • Environmental Corner
    • General Mannerism Corner

    Apart from these specified corners we have Dance Floor, Self Exploration Area, Individual and Team Work Area, The Ball-Pool, The Splash-Pool, Rain Dance Area, Sand-Pit, Puppet zone, Puzzles zone etc., which are used for the all-round development of children.

  • Free Play Area - The free play room provides opportunity for physical and social development of kids with the help of toys, cars, electronic cars and bicycles, swings and slides, games and sports, pool, golf, cricket, and even cute punches of boxing. It is just play and fun. Enjoy naturally and grow naturally. Here fun is not mixed with anything but fun.